Since its founding in the 1970’s, McKinley Crating has prided itself with designing and building the highest quality wood crates anywhere in the country. Some of the styles that we frequently manufacture are….

  • Light duty, medium duty, and heavy duty solid or slat crates
  • Crates with internal or external cleats built to customer specifications
  • Multiple use crates with detachable/re-attachable sides and tops
  • “Knock down” (KD) crates to conserve space for shipping and storage
  • Custom crates with unique features such as hinged doors, ramp doors, foam lining, foam inserts, handles, sliding shelves/drawers, latches (locking and non locking), skid mates and castors.
  • Trade Show crates to safely ship valuable trade show exhibits.
  • Motorcycle crates
  • Corrugated and wood combination crates.

McKinley Crating manufactures crates and pallets to Mil-Spec and ASTM standards. We can manufacture both low volume or high volume quantities and can build to virtually any customer specification (e.g. heat treated or non-heat treated, different wood types and grades, unusual structural supports or hardware, etc.). We can also build a single one-of-a-kind crate for unique applications or as a prototype in anticipation of larger volume production. And due to our company’s private ownership, nimble management team, and production staff we build with unmatched quality and response time.