Heat Treating Chamber

As noted on our home page, McKinley Crating is the only crating-pallet manufacturing company in the entire Charleston/Tri-County region with its own onsite heat treatment chamber. This provides our customers with fast-response heat treatment of wood that meets ISPM-15 guidelines for international shipment of wood packaging products. ISPM-15 is a worldwide-accepted and required standard to guard against the infestation or spread of pests and requires that wood be heated to a temperature of 56° C (133°F) for thirty (30) minutes at the core of each piece of solid wood before it can be “stamped” as a certified heat-treated product.

McKinley Crating’s heat treatment chamber is a certified HT facility and enables the company to have its own HT TP stamp. Having our own onsite heat treating chamber eliminates the heat treating premium other crating-pallet manufacturing companies may charge their customers for not having invested in this very important and expensive piece of equipment and having to outsource that service. Using a single vendor for both heat treatment and pallet-crate manufacturing means there is singular responsibility for your project.