Pallets & Skids

McKinley Crating specializes in building new pallets and skids normally in pine and hardwoods, unless otherwise specified. We specialize in manufacturing pallets in unusual or non-standard sizes that are designed to support the exacting dimensions and specific characteristics of our customers’ products to be loaded on to the pallets/skids. Some notable special expertise McKinley Crating has in building custom skids or pallets would include…

  • Special blocked and braced skids for engines and heavy truck parts
  • Pallets with fixtures attached to separate parts
  • Cradles for boats that are to be loaded into ocean-going shipping containers

…and many other applications that represent special shipping challenges.

McKinley Crating manufactures crates and skids to Mil-Spec and ASTM standards. We can manufacture both low volume or high volume quantities and can build to virtually any customer specification, including…

  • 2-way or 4-way entry
  • Heat treated or non-heat treated
  • Stringer pallets or block pallets
  • Spaced decking or solid decking as per customers’ specifications
  • Euro-pallets

Explain your pallet or skid needs and we can design a cost effective solution that will meet or exceed your expectations!